pricing_k12_page.gifVoiceThread: Getting your students talking on the net!

VoiceThread is a great program for collaboration, digital storytelling, and getting your students motivated using technology! Students can upload pictures, then use the 5 ways to comment to tell a story. Others can then add their own comments to the same story to create something new entirely! Click on the links below for some examples:
Monster Robot
Storytelling (in Spanish, but really cool! Check it out!)

Video Tutorial:

VoiceThread Basics (click below to watch the tutorial)

How to get started?

For educators, the best way to use voicethread is to get a 'K-12 Educators' account. For a single classroom it is $60, or for an entire school, it is $1 per student, teacher, and administrator. The cost is a little pricey, but the options it provides are many. Check out this video about for information on the privacy, teacher control of projects, and all the cool stuff kids will love.
Note: Simply creating a free account with voicethread will not allow you to create multiple accounts for your students. This option is only available by paying for an ed.voicethread account. :(

Links and Resources:

1st Grade Reading Analysis - Leanne Windsor
4th Grade - Where I'm From Poems - Tara McCartney
7th Grade Who is Poe? - Amy Cobb