Get Skype in your classroom!

Skype is an amazing tool that will allow you and your class to have face-to-face video chats with anyone else who has skype on their computer. This means your classroom can have special guests come 'visit' to talk about their specialized field, have face-to-face conversations with other classrooms in different parts of the world, etc.

The best part of Skype is that it is FREE and EASY to use!

Video Tutorial

Getting to know the basics of Skype:
(click the image below to access the tutorial)

Links and Resources

"See Me, Hear Me: Skype in the Classroom" - From the School Library Journal
- An article on the many benefits of Skype
"If a Picture is Worth A Thousand Words, What is a Video Worth?" - From Learning is Messy Blog.
- A video showing the power of inclusion made possible through Skype.