Making a Wiki for your Classroom: A great way to start a class website!

Getting Started:

Creating your own 'kid friendly' wikispace account:

Normally users would have to pay to remove the ads and make their wiki private, but if you follow the link below, you can set up your very own teacher wiki account. This is a free service, and really makes a difference in how you can control the wiki to suit your needs.


Getting familiar with wikispaces (click on image to watch)

Wiki Examples:

Grade 1 Classroom Wiki - A wiki used to allow a Grade one class to write and edit a group story.
Kindergarten Counting Book Wiki - A wiki set up for students to explore and share what 100 looks like.
Mrs. Cassidy's Grade 1/2 Class Dinosaur Wiki - A wiki sharing all the dinosaurs students studied in class.

What would be the benefit of making a wiki?
Think of the wiki as your class resource page. Here you can create different pages to:
- archive past projects your class has done;
- provide links/resources/assistance for a specific subject or topic (a math page that offers links to different games students can use to practice)
- make a simple photo album
- collaborate with students on projects
- the possibilities are endless!

Additional Tutorials: